Find in this link an article of a reputed magazine in the Spanish financial sector in which Alembeeks has collaborated. The article focuses on the lack of participation by some institutional investors in relation to voting in the Shareholders’ Meetings.
As you know, Alembeeks VotingLab helps institutional investors to participate and track their activity with regard to the voting rights of the companies they hold in portfolio.

Moreover, Alembeeks VotingLab analysts generate ad-hoc reports for each Shareholders’ Meeting according to voting guidelines of each client. This reports are the perfect guide to face a Shareholders’ Meeting with all the necessary information.

This research service and the consulting services of drafting the Voting Guidelines and Voting Policies are the perfect complements of the VotingCloud platform we provide at Alembeeks.

The VotingCloud platform is the tool that allow institutional investors to keep track of their voting activity, one of the currently demands by the internal and external auditors.