Proxy Research

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Alembeeks VotingLab offers customized proxy research according to each clients’ voting guidelines. Our databases and expertise in dealing with governance and financial fillings allow us to provide independent and educational reports.

Asset managers have the possibility to attend to the General Shareholders’ Meetings of their companies in portfolio with the certainty that their votes are in line with their own voting guidelines and with the required supporting documentation for auditing purposes and to provide transparency to their investors.

Our company’s analyses focus on the areas of board governance, structure and remuneration; executive compensation; defence of shareholders’ rights; proper audit and risk oversight and the study of shareholder proposals.

We perform analysis in two Phases

Phase 1

The first phase is carried out before the proxy voting season, when we score companies in relation to their governance practices according to ongoing published information.

Phase 2

The second phase lies at the heart of the proxy voting season, when we analyse all the proposals announced in the agenda of each Annual Shareholder’s Meeting.

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