Sustainability Performance

Sustainability reporting starts with measuring performance

Metrics delivery. By measuring your sustainable performance, you will know what you are doing well and what you can improve. This knowledge can then be communicated with pride. With Alembeeks, your well-substantiated sustainability reporting will directly contribute to a robust reputation.

Measuring your sustainable performance and impacts

Follow in the footsteps of leading companies and adopt a life cycle approach to measure your sustainable performance and generate your sustainability reports.

Alembeeks can advise you how to implement frameworks such as:

Carbon Footprint

Water Footprint

Corporate Footprint

Reviewing your current approach

It is valuable to regularly review your sustainability metrics to see if they still fit your purpose. Metrics should support your goals, increase your sustainable performance and help you in sustainability reporting. If you would like more help, Alembeeks can also review your LCA studies according to several international standards.

Metrics guidance and verification

Data collection and management

LCA critical review

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