Database Integration Processes

Many financial institutions suffer from fragmented data. Departments often operate with different tools. Client and internal reporting needs are poorly served because access to data is difficult to manage. It is time to integrate your databases.

We have not invented integration processes, but we are financial industry natives and we know I.T.

Case Study


The client is an international insurance company.

Its Middle Office department gathers information from 8 different systems/sources and generates a data hub. Several departments use this data hub as a source of information for several reporting activities.

The generation of the data hub takes 4 to 5 full business days of work of an officer with high expertise on the matter.


Operational Risk
High dependence on a key employee
Manual workarounds

Alembeeks Natives worked in the client’s premises to understand the existing process. We redefined the way data was collected, processed, stored and consumed. Moreover, we created an ad-hoc system that allows employees with short training to generate the new data hub in 20 min.


Easy knowledge transfer, no siloed information.
Highly responsive data hub creation.
Traceability of all actions and record of former data hub at each date of execution.

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