Evento Spainsif: Prácticas de buen gobierno: engagement y voting

Como asesores de voto en España, participaremos en el evento organizado por Spainsif y el Instituto de Empresa (IE) sobre las prácticas de buen gobierno relacionadas con el compromiso accionarial y el voto en junta de accionistas que se celebrará en Madrid el próximo martes 19 de febrero 2019.

¿Cómo pueden los inversores institucionales influir en las políticas de buen gobierno de las empresas? ¿Qué impacto tiene el buen gobierno y el compromiso accionarial en la estabilidad de los mercados financieros? ¿Cuál es la importancia y características de las estrategias de inversión socialmente responsable al respecto? ¿Qué impacto tiene el aumento de la “inversión pasiva” en el buen gobierno de las compañías cotizadas? ¿Está adaptado el proceso de votación en las JGA para que los ahorradores finales vean reflejadas sus preferencias en temas ASG?

Esperamos despejar éstas y muchas otras cuestiones durante el debate.

Spainsif es el principal foro en España en la promoción de la inversión sostenible y responsable, compuesto en la actualidad por más de 70 miembros.

La apertura inicial del evento estará liderada por el Profesor D. Joaquín Garralda, Decano de Ordenación Académica de IE Business School y por D. Jaime Silos, Presidente de Spainsif.

Posteriormente, participaremos en el debate los siguientes invitados:

- Profesor D Joaquín Garralda, Decano de Ordenación Académica del IE Business School

- D. Manuel Álvarez, Secretario General de OCOPEN

- D. Andrés Herrero Martín, Unidad de Previsión Social de UGT

- D. Iván Diez, Country Manager, Groupama Asset Management

- D. Alex Bardají, Director de Alembeeks Group

Las inscripciones pueden realizarse desde este enlace.

Esperamos encontraros en el evento.

Alembeeks and Digital Transformation in Luxembourg

Alembeeks Group was among the leaders of the Digital Transformation in Financial Services at the ALFI’s Leading Edge Conference in Luxemburg that took place on 28 March 2018 in Luxembourg.

The Conference was a great occasion to exchange the views about the opportunity that technology is providing to transform the economics of the Asset Management Industry and the Financial Sector in general.

The main focus of the agenda was on Data Management, the new ways to keep up the Control Functions, the approach to KYC/AML/KYD and of course the uses of blockchain within the industry. This last point was one of the highlights of the conference and it led to an interesting discussion about the potential functioning of shared multilateral controls on AML/KYC and the current reality, sometimes more constrained by conflicts of interest than by the technology itself.

The panel of experts provided by the organization was pretty interesting. There were representatives of the main players in the Luxemburgish asset servicing sector: State Street Bank, BNP Paribas Securities Services, RBC Investor & Securities Services, Carne Group, and Temenos among others and of course, the presence of panelist of the big four.

In Alembeeks Group, we know how to help those financial institutions which suffer from fragmented data. Departments often operate with different tools creating non-related datasets. Our Alembeeks Native team supports asset managers in client-driven projects to transform this data into knowledge.


On the cons side of the conference, the management of operational data was not fully discussed during the agenda as the main attention was on KYC/AMK and the immediate application of GDPR and its legal implications. Nevertheless, in our opinion, asset managers in Luxembourg are not using the full potential of the data they are dealing with on a daily basis. The industry players tend to be too guided by the next regulation challenges, forgetting sometimes about improving the core of their activity. There is where Alembeeks Natives makes the difference.


Alembeeks Natives is our division of experts on the financial industry, pure natives of the sector. Business consultants with strong expertise in operations leveraged by an I.T. team capable of providing clients with the perfect ad-hoc solutions.

Ferrovial, Caixabank, Acciona, Bankinter and BBVA: the winners of the Alembeeks Awards 2017

Alembeeks Group, the leading Spanish proxy advisor, announces the winner list of Spanish quoted companies in recognition of their corporate disclosure activity during 2017.

The Spanish corporate governance advisory firm Alembeeks Group awards Ferrovial, Caixabank, Acciona, Bankinter and BBVA in five categories related to governance, financial and non-financial reporting.  With this new initiative, the five winner IBEX-35 companies are acknowledged for their Investors Relations activities in disclosing information to shareholders in line with the best market practices.

Alex Bardaji, Director at Alembeeks Group, discusses: “After several years analysing companies from a corporate governance point of view, our objectives with this initiative are: first, to thank those companies that make our governance analysis activity much easier by disclosing their information properly; and second, to put forward positive signalling for these companies as references for other market players”.

The best-in-class Spanish companies of the Alembeeks Awards 2017 have been the following:

-          Best Financial Discloure:  Caixabank.

-          Best Non-Financial Discloure:  Acciona.

-          Best Governance Disclosure: Bankinter.

-          Best Proxy Statements: BBVA.

-          Best Investor Relations Digital Disclosure: Ferrovial.

The judging panel has been formed by Alembeeks Group’s governance analysts, who are international professionals specialized in governance, financial, non-financial and ESG reporting. The criteria and methodology used for the selection of the award-winning companies have followed rigorous qualification and scoring standards.

With this act, Alembeeks Group commends efficiency and transparency among financial market participants to foster an enhanced context for the development of business activities and societies.

In the picture, the event at Ferrovial premises delivering the prize to the Internal Control and IR Team.

Alembeeks Group is a corporate governance advisory company which serves institutional investors in their proxy voting fiduciary duties. Our services help our clients to improve their governance and operational activity by using our technology solutions as well as proxy reports and governance consulting services.


ICGN Paris Event 2017

The last conference of the ICGN (International Corporate Governance Network) was hold in Paris the 6th and 7th December 2017. It was hosted by Paris Europlace, the organisation responsible for promoting the Paris financial marketplace.

Established in 1995 as an investor-led organisation, ICGN's mission is to promote effective standards of corporate governance and investor stewardship to advance efficient markets and sustainable economies world-wide and it is a leading referent within the sector.

During the Paris event, the main topics discussed were among others those related to investor stewardship, board composition, ESG disclosure and the integration of climate change aspects in the voting approach.

The conference was one of the main summits of the year 2017 within the sector and gathered a great number of professionals and reputed panellist of the corporate governance sector. We encourage our readers to find more relevant information and takeaways under #ICGN2017 hashtag in Twitter.

Integrated Reporting Conference in Barcelona

Mr. Jose Luis Morales, Senior Partner of Alembeeks ValueReporting, gave a lecture the 27th November in the Barcelona Auditors College (Col·legi de Censors Jurats de Comptes de Barcelona). The lecture topic was about “The controller’s role on the integration of the sustainability information within the decision-making process”. The conference was introduced by Ms. Gemma Soligó, partner at Grant Thornton, and Mr. Daniel Faura, president of the hosting institution.

During the conference, the main topics tackled were the importance of non-financial information to increase companies value and diminish potential risks, the use of global standards to report to stakeholders and the way to collect and integrate relevant data from a more operational point of view. According to Mr. Morales, controllers should have a more relevant role as promoters of corporate sustainability however, currently they are capital generally underused.

Before the lecture, the attendants were already rewarded with a free issue of the book “New Trends in Controlling” edited by ACCID, where Mr. Morales is also a co-author.

Mr. Morales is member the Spanish Review Committee of the International Integrated Reporting (IIRC), of the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS), the Environmental Management Accounting Network (EMAN) and the Center for Corporate Reporting (CCR).