Alembeeks Directors Platform

Alembeeks Directors Platform

Fund Directors and Conducting Officers in Luxembourg require full view of the activity impacting their funds. One of their main duties is the supervision of their funds and entities. The problem is that with so many providers and departments involved, information and documents are not always properly managed and easily available.

Alembeeks Directors Platform enables Management Companies to deliver organized and time efficient information to different users within each organization. It further creates summary reports for each user in relation to their supervisory activity for auditing purposes. Its simplicity and possibility to customize hierarchies and dashboards ensure that all users get the information they need in a traceable manner.

If you perceive that the information management in your company needs to be rethought, contact us and we will inform you about the benefits you can get from the Alembeeks Directors Platform.

Like all of our governance traceability solutions, Alembeeks Directors Platform allows the following:

Customization of each client hierarchical structure

Integration with different data bases

Proof of activity for all users in front of third parties

Workability with Microsoft Office documents

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