Alembeeks improves the governance and operations of institutional investors in Europe by delivering technology solutions and corporate governance expertise.

Engendering efficiency and transparency to financial market participants, Alembeeks Group fosters an enhanced context for the development of business activities and societies.

Find our Voting Guidelines.

1 – Be educational.  2 – Be creative, seek diverse perspectives. 3 – Make it simple. 4 – Think customer. 5 – Do the right thing.

Focus on Improvement

Every time we face a new project with a client, no matter in which area of our activities, our commitment is always clear: “we will improve your process and, by doing it, your business will improve”. By being creative, discerning the basics and putting ourselves in our client’s shoes, we reach innovative solutions that foster our clients businesses. By constantly reviewing our processes, we are able to deliver better solutions and expertise every year.


4 Reasons  to Choose Us

We work to improve the shareholder engagement that grants institutional investors and quoted companies long term performance in their fields. By doing this, final investors benefit from a safer and long lasting investment environment.

Our reports and analyses do not aim at big scopes and generalities. We master a focused universe of companies, providing customized and independent analyses.

We are natives from the financial sector and know how to tackle operation inefficiencies by improving processes with the leverage of technology.

We are providers and we know our activity is only a component of our clients’ activity. However, we work as partners with them, so this little part helps them to become excellent in their field, converting their problems into competitive strengths.

Careers: Join our team

Due to our position as an integrated company providing services primarily to the financial sector, our employees have the possibility of adding value in different working projects thought their career path. Team work, professional development and flexibility are the foundations of our good work climate and quality deliveries.

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Alembeeks Awards

This initiative was proposed by the corporate governance analysts of our Alembeeks VotingLab team. In summary, it is a kind and warm “Thank you” to those quoted companies and their IR teams that are publishing information to shareholders according to the best standards, as they ease our analysis activity greatly. In this sense, the awards are a recognition to those companies which are reaching excellence in their reporting duties, so they can be an example to the rest of the market.

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