Proxy Advisory Services

Not all institutional investors have the resources to internally employ an expert and exclusively dedicated team to deal with the proxy voting season and shareholder engaging activities.

The Alembeeks VotingLab team guides asset managers, intermediaries and institutional investors towards the entire engagement process providing research, knowledge and technology.

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Governance IT Solutions

Many financial institutions suffer from fragmented data. Departments often operate with different tools. Alembeeks Native team supports asset managers in client driven projects to transform this data into knowledge.

Moreover, Alembeeks has developed a range of solutions focused on governance, according to asset manager needs and regulatory requirements.

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Integrated Value Services

More transparency through the entire supply chain. Regulatory and social pressure is becoming stronger year after year. Listed and non-listed companies are being pushed to be more transparent about their ESG and non-financial metrics. The good news is that doing so, the companies learn more about themselves and improve not only in sustainability but also in operational efficiency.

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Management companies and asset managers in Luxembourg and Europe are required to carry out supervisory activities in several governance areas. Alembeeks proposes a range of solutions for Conducting Officers, Fund Directors and Compliance Officers. These solutions are leveraged by technology to simplify the traceability and execution of current procedures.

Alembeeks Directors Platform

Alembeeks Directors Platform enables Management Companies to deliver organized and time efficient information to different users within each organization.

Alembeeks VotingCloud

Alembeeks VotingCloud Platform is the solution used by institutional investors to manage their voting rights processes according to their own workflow and approval structure.

Ferrovial, Caixabank, Acciona, Bankinter and BBVA: the winners of the Alembeeks Awards 2017

Alembeeks Group, the leading Spanish proxy advisory company, announces the winner list of Spanish quoted companies in recognition for their corporate disclosure activity during 2017.

ICGN Paris Event 2017

The last conference of the ICGN (International Corporate Governance Network) was hold in Paris the 6th and 7th December 2017. It was hosted by Paris Europlace, the organisation responsible for promoting the Paris financial marketplace.

Integrated Reporting Conference in Barcelona

Mr. Jose Luis Morales, Senior Partner of Alembeeks ValueReporting, gave a lecture the 27th November in the Barcelona Auditors College (Col·legi de Censors Jurats de Comptes de Barcelona).

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Alembeeks Group was devised by former financial sector executives with strong mindsets for corporate governance, data management and technology areas. The goals of improving processes and gaining transparency among the industry impel us to face new and greater challenges. Our values can be summarised in “Explore, share knowledge and deliver”.

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