ICGN Paris Event 2017

The last conference of the ICGN (International Corporate Governance Network) was hold in Paris the 6th and 7th December 2017. It was hosted by Paris Europlace, the organisation responsible for promoting the Paris financial marketplace.

Established in 1995 as an investor-led organisation, ICGN's mission is to promote effective standards of corporate governance and investor stewardship to advance efficient markets and sustainable economies world-wide and it is a leading referent within the sector.

During the Paris event, the main topics discussed were among others those related to investor stewardship, board composition, ESG disclosure and the integration of climate change aspects in the voting approach.

The conference was one of the main summits of the year 2017 within the sector and gathered a great number of professionals and reputed panellist of the corporate governance sector. We encourage our readers to find more relevant information and takeaways under #ICGN2017 hashtag in Twitter.

Integrated Reporting Conference in Barcelona

Mr. Jose Luis Morales, Senior Partner of Alembeeks ValueReporting, gave a lecture the 27th November in the Barcelona Auditors College (Col·legi de Censors Jurats de Comptes de Barcelona). The lecture topic was about “The controller’s role on the integration of the sustainability information within the decision-making process”. The conference was introduced by Ms. Gemma Soligó, partner at Grant Thornton, and Mr. Daniel Faura, president of the hosting institution.

During the conference, the main topics tackled were the importance of non-financial information to increase companies value and diminish potential risks, the use of global standards to report to stakeholders and the way to collect and integrate relevant data from a more operational point of view. According to Mr. Morales, controllers should have a more relevant role as promoters of corporate sustainability however, currently they are capital generally underused.

Before the lecture, the attendants were already rewarded with a free issue of the book “New Trends in Controlling” edited by ACCID, where Mr. Morales is also a co-author.

Mr. Morales is member the Spanish Review Committee of the International Integrated Reporting (IIRC), of the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS), the Environmental Management Accounting Network (EMAN) and the Center for Corporate Reporting (CCR).